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The Open Clip Art Library is an archive of user contributed illustrations that are freely placed into the Public Domain according to the statement by Creative Commons.

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The Open Font Library

Monday, 20th November 2006

Posted by: Rejon

You may or may not know of the existence of the Open Clip Art Library's sister project the Open Font Library. The name pretty much explains itself, however the overall goal of the project is to collate a collection of open fonts for anyone to use for any purpose. Discussions on the mailing list have been vibrant over the past month; since the implementation of ccHost for the Open Font Library. (you can view the archives here) The project is still in the very early stages of progression and many decisions still need to be made, so if you have a background in type design, or like the idea of having a vast library of open fonts, have a look at the open font library website and the wiki.


New Inkscape features

Monday, 17th August 2006

Posted by: Rejon

For all the artists out there that use inkscape to create and edit your SVG images, you might like to know that there are some nifty new features that will be included in the upcoming 0.45 release of inkscape.

Probably the most exciting new feature is the support for SVG filters. This functionality was developed by the Google Summer of Code 2006 participants. The only filter that is enabled to date is the Gaussian Blur.

"With it, you can softly and naturally blur any Inkscape objects: paths, shapes, groups, text, images. Clones inherit blurring from their original, but they can also be blurred independently from the original (you can create blurred clones with Tile Clones, too). Both the fill and stroke of an object are blurred together, creating semitransparent margins that smoothly blend into the background." - Inkscape Wiki, 0.45 Release Notes.

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